Tuesday, August 27, 2013


So.....it's definitely safe to say that I'm a big girl(LITERALLY). However, I have also recognized that my prodigious frame houses and even bigger heart. The problem with having an enormous heart is that you have an overwhelming desire to help almost anyone and everyone. That, my friends, can cause inevitable heartache and depletion.

Have you ever felt like there is someone or something that is always trying to take away from what you have? It doesn't necessarily have to be materialistic or financially but sometimes it could be just  PEACE OF MIND. The truth of the matter is that, there is always going to be some type of force that will be on a steadfast mission to unnerve the very core of your being. It seems like every time that I am face to face with one of these forces, for some reason I think of one of my favorite lines of the movie, Malcolm X....."GET YO HAND OUT MY POCKET!!"

I am learning almost on a DAILY basis to not allow people/things to rob me of the elements that have helped sustain my serenity and sanity. Whenever, I am faced with people who do not share the same mentality as myself and it is clearly evident that anger and hostility is a part of their daily operation, I chuckle to myself and remember my line "GET YO HAND OUT MY POCKET!!"

My "pocket" symbolically represents my SOUL, my SPIRIT and my HEART. I am a firm believer that God deposits beneficial "golden nuggets" into our hearts and souls through the utilization of trials, tribulations and blessings. Unfortunately, there are things/persons out here that are a mission and make it their purpose to rob us of these things.

I have learned to recognize it for what it is. These things/persons are just operating in their assigned positions. There is always going to be something/someone that tries to take out of your "pocket"  and  that's fine, accept that. This will never change. However, you have to see it for what it is, prepare yourself for the attack and be able to quote to that same thing, "I know what you are and what you are attempting to do, but...Partna, Imma need you to "GET YO HAND OUT MY POCKET!!"

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