Sunday, November 3, 2013

"It ain't no fun, if da homies can't have none..."

So....everyone who personally knows me, knows that I love my friends and "framily" to pieces. My friends are my family and I can honestly say when they celebrate, I celebrate. When they cry, I cry and when they are successful, I too feel like I have succeeded. I surround myself with people who ultimately embrace my being and I wholeheartedly embrace theirs. I make their joys my joys and I too feel the same from them. I have learned and take delight to see when others prosper, faithfully believing that God blesses abundantly. He is simply incapable of running out of blessings for us all. What He blesses others to have, if it's design for my life, I too shall have. I rest assured that He may not bless me the same way He blesses others but I too shall be on the receiving end of His blessings in my own unique and personalized way.

One of the ways I began to realize this is, by surrounding myself with people who have the same objective as me. We share an understood strive to succeed in life, to be contributors to our society with our God-given gifts, and to understand that we all have a purpose. My closest friends and family are some of the most unselfish individuals. They give to others with no worries of how, when and IF it will be ever be given back to them. My friends and I understand that "to those who much is given much is required". We embrace our blessings and each others' blessings with this common understanding among us.

If you find yourself surrounded by ones in your circle who seem to be competing with your success or seem to be bother every time you are blessed, my advice to you is to re-evaluate your circle. The persons that are close to you SHOULD be bothered if you are not succeeding and vice versa. In fact, I'll take it a step further. If someone calls themselves your close friend, their sanity should be in jeopardy to witness you going through adversity. There should be a great delight to see your friends persevering. If they are experiencing tribulations, there should be an overwhelming desire to do whatever is in your power to help them out of it.   The realization should be that there is truly "NO FUN IF DA HOMIES CAN'T HAVE NONE." lol


  1. Irene, Irene, Irene....well said!!! This post speaks volumes. I love the title to this post!!! Get it Girl!

  2. Thanks so much, Cassandra!! You don't know how much I appreciate it....

  3. I try to surround myself with people who have more knowledge than me or people that i outweigh in knowledge so that time thats spent together is always beneficial to me or the other person if not both.look for the good in people but dont depend on it because our emotions change based on what we are dealing with.Direct your face to the All reliable,All dependable,and the Giver of All things good.Good job Irene i enjoyed this and may God always keep you in the best company.

  4. I love it! True words, let the church say, "Amen!"