Wednesday, January 22, 2014


So...I was reading Daniel, Chapter 6 ,in the bible when it talks about Daniel being highly favored by the king and being amongst the 3 highest presidents for the king. The text goes on to say how Daniel had "haters" that went on a mission to destroy him. Daniel's "haters" were able to coerce Daniel's authoritative figure to write a law against Daniel for praying to his God. The scripture continues by saying that Daniel became very much aware that a law was being created against the very thing that he considered vital to his being, prayer.  However, instead of becoming concerned or discouraged about it, Daniel instead continued to pray. As a matter of fact, Daniel stayed consistent in prayer even though he knew that his continuation to do so could possibly lead to his death.

While reading this, I found myself becoming overwhelmed and somewhat ashamed. There have been many times where I have seen a "setup" approaching  or experienced a "setup". If I can be totally honest, I became nervous and worried about it. Instead of realizing or recognizing what its' purpose was and reacting adversely to it, I allowed it to throw me off my path and distract me from my focus. I subjected myself to the power of the "setup"

Many times there are situations that come before us that are a surprise to us and some that are not. These things can be detrimental and even though we seen the "trouble arising", we still may allow it to shut us down. I thoroughly believe that in life, we are going to experience many "setups" that have every intention on breaking us down. It is not about their inevitable occurrences, but our reactions to them.

 We have to be careful not to allow "setups" to shut us down, even if unfortunately these "setups" disguise themselves as family, friends and peers. You must fight against the "setup" and not SHUTDOWN!  Everything is allowed or happens for a reason. Part of your job is to determine why this particular "setup" is occurring to you. What is it trying to reveal to you or keep you from discovering? What possible blessing is it attempting to hinder you from? Wisdom is knowing that "setups" are a part of personal growth. It is what exercises our "faith muscles" and strengthen them in times when they are needed the most. We must not fight the process of growth AND understanding. We must embrace it and more importantly welcome it. Is it sometimes painful?? Indeed and absolutely! However it's essential. The gist of the matter is to not "shutdown to the setup" but to instead "step up to it".....

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