Thursday, February 27, 2014

"What ya man got to do with me?"

So.. as you probably already figured out, I love music. One of the funniest songs that has ever been recorded to me is "I got a man!". The lyrics are beyond hilarious. One of the lines of the song that stands out the most to me is "Whatcha man got to do with me?" OMG, too much!! I remember when this song first came out and how all the guys would be walking around asking "Whatcha man got to do with me?" At the time, we thought it was all a joke(mainly cause we were in middle school and didn't know any better) but it's sad to say that it's no longer a joke.The reality is that this old school "catchy" phrase that almost everyone I knew use to quote and laugh at is now being asked in an as serious manner as a heart attack. "What ya (wo)man got to do with me?" really?? What does that have to do with me?"

 Nowadays, it just seems to be no respect for a relationship or union. The majority of the songs on the radio frequently talk about having "side chicks" versus "main chicks" even daring to go into detail of what each role means or the "responsibilities" of the 2 different roles. Unfortunately, a lot of women and men think that it's just the norm to have multiple partners. I've even heard of people who justify it by saying "Yeah, they may have someone on the side but it's me they come home to." Or... the so-called "side pieces" attempting to validate their position by saying "Yeah, they have a wife or husband but I'm the one that gets the most out of it." Wow AND whoa! Now, please don't mistaken me as being judgmental. Furthermore, I truly wish I could sit here and say that as I sit here and write these words, that I've not been impacted by this myself. The truth is, that I have and I know others who have as well.

Sure, it's ways that you can mask it or dress it up, but it is what it is. I've learned a long time ago that people will treat you the way that you ALLOW them to treat you. Meaning, if you accept being the "side one", some people will be more than happy to give you the title as one. If you let it be known upfront that it's not an option then you don't have to worry about it becoming one. So in short, I guess what I'm trying to say is, Positive K, you asked "What your man got to do with me?". Everything, my friend, EVERYTHING!! LOL

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