Monday, May 4, 2015

Don't Call it a Comeback, I've been here for years.....

So....Hey ya!! I'm back!! It feels so good to be back and being in my comfort zone. I'm not exactly calling this a "comeback" but I guess that's what it is. me it's not. It's not a comeback because I feel like I haven't been anywhere. I must confess, I have been a little out of the loop because I was ran over by this thing called "Life". Life happens! Life is very self centered, rude, impatient and down right mean. Life put me on my back like a cockroach, like my girl, Neitra would say. Life didn't care that I was already dealing with some stuff. Life showed up on my step one day and barged right into my space. I pleaded for life to give me some time to get myself prepared so I can deal with it in a rational and more civilized fashion. You know what life told me?? "HELL NAW!!" I begged and pleaded with life to come back in just a few short years when I could almost guarantee that I would be more settled and better prepared for it. Life told me..."No, I ain't got time to wait, we're going to make this happen right now!" So there I was... tossed up, beat up, beat down, and embarrassed by life. Not only one time..., but a few times. You see, life told me that "You're going to remember I was here!" And so I did, so I did.

I wish I could tell you that I came out of that fight with only a few cuts and bruises. Unfortunately, I can't. Not only did life cut my spirit and bruise my heart, it almost left me for dead or at least the feeling of wishing I was. However, I'm a faithful believer that I can go through (and have been through) anything as long as there is a lesson to be learned. One of the lessons was this, recognize the unrecognizable! Meaning, some opportunities do not present themselves to you tied up in a nice, presentable package. A lot of opportunities came to me in a jacked up, old raggedy box. I almost rejected them until I took a second look. Life is not always pretty and polite but one sure thing is life is inevitable. It will happen to you. The only thing you can do is attempt to prepare for the ride...My advice is hold on tight because it's going to be bumpy. Am I back? Yeah, I guess you can say that I am. But let's not call it a comeback, I've been doing this thing here for years....Thanks ,as always, for letting me vent, ya...I promise the next one will be longer, just had to get this one off my chest...Until next time....


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