Monday, September 21, 2015

I wanna thank you, for letting me, be myself....AGAIN

So...I'm one of the billions of people who actively use social media as a way to maintain connection with family and friends. One of the trends that I am noticing on social media is to write a letter to your future spouse. I love this!! Whoever started posting these, YOU ARE A GENIUS! After reading a few of these letters and the catching the creative bug myself, I too thought I would sit down and pen a letter. However, while thinking of all the things I wanted to say to my future husband/mate, I got a clever idea. Why write a letter to my future husband? That's not enough fun. Why not....wait for it....write a letter to my past mates, friends or just my past in general. So being my fun, creative, and imaginative self(I guess I can't use the adjective "humble" oh ok, let's move on) I came up with a letter specifically expressing my gratitude. Only one letter, for the sake of time was shared. Trust me, I could have went on, and on, and on, and on, and on(hold it) AND on, and on, but I decided against it. So here is just ONE of the ones that I created and decided to share. I hope that it gives you insight or at least makes you laugh or smile. (*clearing throat*) Let's begin, shall we....

Dear Past Friends, Ex-Boyfriends, and just my Past in general:

Hey you! What's up? How have you been? Never mind, it's none of my concern. I truly hope all has been well though. I wanted to take the time out to say thanks for everything that you are and have done. Thanks for the experiences and the memorable moments we've shared. Because of you, I've become and are continuously becoming the remarkable woman I am. Through my interactions with you, I've gained valuable lessons. I would like to share with you just a few. You have taught me:

The ability to forgive the sometimes unforgivable.
The ability to love unconditionally even when I feel it may be undeserving.
The art of clarification, allowing no room for assumptions.
The true flexibility of the heart and how it can be bent beyond recognition but still not broken.

You showed me:

There is no such thing as "shoulda, coulda, woulda", it's either, it happened or didn't....PERIOD.
There is never any room for regret, for ALL things happen for a reason, either to teach you something or confirm it....but nothing is by chance.
In order to get over someone else, you need to get into yourself, meaning, in every failed relationship, both or all parties, play a role in its' demise...what was my role?

and last but not least,

All people have problems and every one has issues in relationships/friendships. The key is to find someone who is going to put up with your mess and someone's mess that you can tolerate as well. All relationships have flaws....even Adam and Eve had communication problems! You gotta find the one that you no matter what,  are so valuable to you that you are willing to put with all their flaws and vice versa cause in the end it's worth it!

Hey Past,

 This section is specifically for you. This is going to hurt you way more than it's going to hurt me, so brace yourself. I don't know any easy way to say it but to just say it....(*exhaling*)...IT'S OVER!!! I know,  I know! We could go back and forth about whose fault it is or what we could do to make it work. However, honestly, I have no desire to. All those broken dreams and failed attempts that you have constantly reminded me of, almost on a daily basis are non-existent to me now. I'm moving on. You see...hmmm, how shall I say this....I met someone. Their name is Future(nope, not the rapper, if Ciara didn't want him, what makes you think I want him....FOCUS, REENE, FOCUS!). You see Future gives me so much more than what you could offer. Future sends me gifts daily, which consist of baskets of faith, bouquets of hope, and perfumes of joy. What more could a girl ask for??!! I am truly sorry that it couldn't have worked out. It just wasn't meant to be. Past, you were just so abusive and Future offers me healing with a side of comfort. I truly thank you for the times that we shared, but it's time for us to go our separate ways. Take care and DON'T keep in touch.


NO MORE yours truly,


The was very therapeutic to me. Now only did it allow me to gain closure, it lifted weight off my shoulders. Maybe, I won't stop there. Maybe I will start writing letters to all other aspects of my life. Just thanking it for making me the person I am today. We shall see...Until next time....

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