Friday, December 25, 2015

What do the lonely do at Christmas??

So…today is Christmas and to some it’s a beautiful time of year. Many people celebrate with their family and friends. They are surrounded by the company of loved ones and companionship. However to some, Christmas is a very hard time of the year. This Christmas, I really struggled with getting into the Christmas spirit. I tried everything! I listened to Christmas music, gave out Christmas cards, amongst other things that didn’t work. Nothing helped. The closer it drew to Christmas, the more depressed I became. This was the first Christmas that we would be experiencing without my maternal grandmother, Mrs. Katie. Mrs. Katie also known as “Great” loved Christmas! She loved opening gifts and seeing other people open gifts. To her, there was nothing better. This Christmas was truly going to be a hard one to endure, I constantly thought to myself. At last, Christmas finally arrived. No matter how hard I tried to prevent it, it seemed that depression was doomed to creep in. My family and I had mental and emotional breakdowns and outbursts. It made me wonder about people all over the world experiencing their first Christmas without their loved ones.

While it’s truly enjoyable looking at people’s holiday pics and videos, it became overwhelming and depressing as well. However, I was determined to make this Christmas a wonderful Christmas, in spite of how I was feeling. I thought about all the years of celebrating Christmas that I had with my grandmother. I thought about how happy she was to see others happy about Christmas. I thought about how the many times I would do silly things to kick off the Christmas celebration and she would be my main side kick with the silly adventures. Those things are what got me through this day. Christmas is not only a time to celebrate the presence of family and loved ones in the present time but also a time to celebrate family memories. In hopes of not sounding cliché, the reason for the season is Jesus. Jesus represents love, hope, and unselfishness and isn’t that supposed to be the essence of family. So, while so many of us are celebrating the presence of their loved ones that are still with them today, let’s not forget to pray for all the ones that had to celebrate their first Christmas without their loved ones.  I truly hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and I look forward to the many blessing we have to experience in our upcoming new year!


  1. Beautiful Reene! That first Christmas is very hard indeed. I'm glad that you found a way to cope.