Thursday, August 25, 2016

Jesus, lemme tell you, how good you have allowed me to stare cancer in the face and tell it, "YOU MAY HAVE TAKEN MANY BUT YOU WON'T TAKE ME!" You allowed me to go before my physician and tell her while tears were streaming down my face, "I'm not worried about myself because I believe in a higher being, I am however worried about my loved ones". You allowed me to say with confidence "I will not allow them to go through another season of illness or death of a close and loved one!" You allowed me, Jesus to have those "Gethsemane Garden" moments when I cried so much that my eyes were swollen but I could still say to you "Not Irene's will, Lord but Your will be done, however I know this is not Your will". Jesus, you allowed me to ask though  feared reaction, my physician if we could pray before she would go in and remove foreign objects that had no business attempting to reside in my being"...Jesus, YOU FATHER, allowed her to tell me, "Miss McRae, this is not going to be what takes you out of here cause I won't let it!" So I give You praise Lord. Not myself, not my doctor, not even the procedure, I give You praise, Lord! You've done just what You said and I will forever be grateful and in awe of Your love for me. You continue to love me more than I love myself. You continue to show me that i deserve more  than what I think I do and last but not least You, Jesus,continue to grant me more time to get just that! This is only the beginning.....#acknowledgedPURPOSE