Monday, January 23, 2017

Am I my brothers' keeper....we all we got!!

So...I am a 70s baby but the 80s raised me(you didn't know I could rhyme, did you, Ha!). Meaning, I was born in 197------something like that, but I grew up in the 80s and 90s. During my era, a wonderful, intriguing, and one of the greatest societal forces, HipHop was created. HipHop was one of the illest(translation, phenomenal) lifestyle expression that was ever born. I loved it and still do! Especially growing up, I was fascinated by it! I loved everything about it, from the movies, to the clothes, to the songs, to the lyrics, I couldn't get enough. One of my most memorable moments of growing up with HipHop is when the movie, New Jack City came out. Whaaat??!! I remember that it came out when I was in middle school and my friends and I all wanted to go to see it. Sure, it had a R rating but that didn't matter to us. I remember I begged my mom and my stepfather to take me to see it and they finally broke down and did. I was not disappointed! It captivated my attention for the entire 1 hour and 41 minutes that it showed in the Carolina Circle 6 theater(yep, I took it way back, Greensboro). One of my favorite lines from the movie is when Nino Brown found out that Gee Money had cut a side deal with the Feds(I know the ENTIRE MOVIE, trust me) and Nino Brown was about to murder Gee Money. I remember Gee Money pleading for his life. One of his final pleas, well more like a question, was "Am I my brother's keeper...CMB, we all we got!". In a flash, Nino Brown finished him. I remember thinking at that moment, "Wow, that's cold blooded.". I couldn't decipher in my young 13-year old mind, how someone could be so cruel. I mean, yeah, Gee Money had messed up, but they were brothers, weren't they??(Yeah, I get caught up in movies, lol)

Fast forward over 20 years later and New Jack City is still one of my favorite movies. However, the murdering of Gee Money no longer bothers me. As a matter of fact, I'm totally immune to the scene. I justify his murder by saying, "You shouldn't have double crossed, knew that ninja was crazy." How is it that when I was child, I could not understand the murdering of someone's own close friend or brother but in my adulthood, I could? I'll tell you how! I witnessed it many times in life. I hear about it on the news almost every night, if I choose to watch the news. I hear about it in rap songs, IF I choose to listen to them, and I still see them in movies. I've never experienced being double crossed or knew of someone being murdered by a good friend or brother personally, but like I said, I've definitely heard of it. How did we become such a society or a community that has grown use to a "brother" taking another "brother's" life? How can we justify the killings of people in our community by saying "that they shouldn't have crossed them." When I refer to killing, I am not merely speaking of, the actual crime, I am also referring to, sitting by and watching people amongst us, waste away. Be it, by drugs, by self-harming themselves, by selling drugs, or just blatant disrespect. Why did we become so "okay" with this? I can only speak for myself and even though it requires a great deed of transparency on my part, I'll go ahead. Besides, when I became a blogger, that was like taking an oath to expose myself AND my thoughts to society. So here goes...

I've justified my ignorance of people in my community being destroyed or harmed by saying, "they should've known better." In my mind, everyone was raised by a church going grandmother like myself and they had to be in church every day of the week except Mondays and Tuesdays. Everyone, like myself, was taught right from wrong and taught if you do certain things, there are consequences and repercussions that you must face. So in other words, "You should know better, so why don't you do better?" The brutal truth is this, a lot of people were not raised the same as me. That doesn't make me better or them, that just means that they had to take different roads in life. Some people grew up with witnessing the killing and destroying of other people all their lives so to them it's the norm. Now, does this make it ok for them to kill or destroy other people? Absolutely not! There has to be a life turning moment for 
them that says "This is wrong, I may have grew up in this environment but I am not a product of my environment." I guess, what I'm trying to say is I truly dream of the day when we will genuinely care about what happens to each other. When we recognize, that whatever happens to our "brother or sisters", ultimately happens to or impact us as well. We've got to become each other's keeper. Because guess what, there's a new sheriff in town and I truly believe he could care less about what happens with us, to us, or by us. We've got to start looking out for each other. That's the only way, we're going to survive. I could go on but that's a whole other blog post, so I'll just holla at ya later....

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