Monday, January 2, 2017

If all lives matter....Prove it!! of my favorite artists, J. Locke, has a song called "Prove It. The lyrics are powerful. The hook is one of those hooks that is so thought provoking that it causes you to ponder on the true meaning behind, the "All lives matter" movement. "If all lives matter, if all lives really matter....PROVE IT" is that verse in the song that makes you say, "you know what, that's true, IF ALL LIVES REALLY MATTER, WE SHOULD PROVE IT!

How many times in this past year and years before, have we been subjected to media coverage on another crime against the black community that seemed to have no validation at all? The media plays on our emotions by showing countless stories and scenes of these violent acts repetitively for hours, days, and even weeks at a time. Anger and emotions are stirred up and there are protests, marches, and senseless lootings that take place. There are high energy demands that are made on "our" behalf by city and government officials from our community stating that there has to be changes that occur. After a couple of weeks go by, normal life resumes and the cries of protest and anger subside. The killings of African Americans however do not. You see, there are millions of African Americans, especially youth, that are killed every year in the United States. However, there are only a few marches and protests that occur in parallel to these killings. It seems that we have become immune to the uncivilized killings of each other.  However, when law officials and others that we deem as "selective protective citizens" take our lives, we as a people become outrage. Now, let me provide clarification because even though I am in writing this post in the solitude of my own home, through telekinesis, I can feel eye brows raising. That's ok, I am more than willing to provide explanations on any of MY point  of views.

As the lyrics in J's song states, "ALL LIVES REALLY MATTER", meaning regardless who the perpetrator is, the life that has been stolen should matter. However, why does it seem that whenever one of our lives is taken by law officials, we as a community are so quick to become enraged and request reparation for the life that the official took? By no means should the official not be punished for their acts, but let me pose a question. When will we hold ourselves as a community, to the same standards of allowing each other to take the lives of one another as we do government officials? We can't keep demanding that BLACK LIVES MATTER only when they are taken by the hands of law officials who have taken an oath to protect and serve. When are we as a community or a group of people going to take an oath to protect, teach, and love ourselves? How can we so boldly take a stand and demand that there is an acknowledgement of the importance of Black Lives when we only demand this when police officers are taken our lives and not when we take our own?

Yes, it is impertinent and essential for those that have promised to serve and protect citizens of this great country to recognize the importance of our community and what we bring to this nation as a great people. However, how much are we teaching others to value our lives if we increasingly become ignorant and content with our lives being taken by someone in our community that looks like us and comes from the same background as us?  There is a saying that I've lived by for years now. I don't know if it's something that I've heard someone else say or I subconsciously learned eventually after experiencing so much of "life." It states that "people will treat you the way that you allow them to treat you." Let me take this even further, "people will treat you the way that you TEACH them to treat you. If you show me that you do not care about yourself, tell me, if I was not an empathetic person, why would I care about you? We have got to do better as a community. We've got to place more value on our lives within our community and then maybe we will have a stronger platform to stand on and demand that those outside of our communities follow our lead. I want to thank my talented brother, J. Locke for these galvanizing lyrics. I challenge you to listen to his new single, "Prove It" and commit to taking a stand to increase the value of ourselves within our own community. Until next time......

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